Released! Los Primos album “Llora Llora”

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Released! Los Primos album “Llora Llora”


We are excited to announce that the highly anticipated new single of Los Primos – “Llora Llora”, recorded and produced in Havana, by DJ Lifak and DJ KDIR is now available on the major digital stores worldwide.

     Los Primos- Llora Llora

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Here is what our first listeners say about the track:

“…Very cheery and happy song, perfect for a beach party or to turn up loud in the car. Fun, pop music, polished and always engaging.” Anita Rodriguez

“…Great dancing vibe, definitely makes me want to dance. Maybe it’s my Spanish roots, but this has me already shaking my hips. Amazing spoken word break in between verses, great instrumentation elements. Definitely a lot of variation, amazing job on that. Great vocalization, great lyrics as well. Amazing job overall!” Alan Fonseca

“…I was taken in by the different sounds and beats. I didn’t know what they were singing but I wanted to get up and start salsa dancing. Los Primos have a nice latin flare to their sound. I imagine they would be a big hit band on the spanish radio stations.” Mark G.

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